Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Double page spread Q magazine!

For my next double page spread analysis i have chosen an article from Q magazine as has a mixed genre ranging from indie/rock to pop/R&B. So it will be interesting to see how it differs from Mojo's article.

What first grabbed my attention here was the long shot of Shakira, the setting makes her look like a normal working girl, and indicates to the audience that this will be the main theme of the text, it is the achorage between the text and the picture. There is also another picture of Shakira which is a medium close up which is more "done up" than than the main picture, perhaps this is to show Shakira as a normal everyday girl at work and then later looking "glamorous". The picture suggests that the demographic is Shakira fans and mainly more females than males. Is this suggesting that we now live in a world where females are considered strong working women? This was a concern for theorists such as Laura Mulvey who thought that women were being overpowered and dominated by men, but this picture could be suggesting that women have now eventually won there right to be a strong working figure and are not subservient to men.

The headline is "Danger Shakira at work", we could relate this to the theory of Cohen's moral panic, the headline is trying to portray a moral panic situation. Headlines would read similar things in a real panic situation. The white headline contrasts against the picture used as the background so it is easily seen. The picture is a good size and is laid out nicely on the page so it looks as though the text is readable and there is not a ridiculous amount, which could put the reader off.

The article starts with a drop capitals, as most do as this is a main convention of articles and double page spreads. The text immediately starts with information about Shakira at work in the studio. You then begin to know that the text will be about her music and particularly her new song "she wolf". This requires a small amount of prior knowledge of the singer but not a lot as the article introduces what she does and gives information. If we deconstruct the text we realise the mode of address is very informal, like the article is interacting with everyday people, and particularly teenagers and Shakira fans. The article also sells Shakira as an artist; "she wolf the album is due for a 5 October release - will contain two songs recorded in both English and Spanish", this informs the reader and even impresses them to make them want to know more about Shakira and buy her album. The article discusses Shakira's recent work but then also includes quotes from her, to add a personal touch, it is not a full interview but is made to look like one, with things such as; "I used to be a shy girl", this lets the audience into her personal life and is more intriguing, this happens throughout.

A stapline is also used near the gutters; "I now go after my desires in a predatory way- with teeth and claws". Again this is a quote from Shakira the mode of Address is very informal this lairs the audience into wanting to read the article as many straplines also do.

The colour red is also used to indicate important parts, such as the writers name, the release date of her single and it is also the colour of her shoes. An average working girl would know that the bottom of her shoes being red probably means they are "Christian Laboutin" shoes and this could also connote that the target here is females/teenagers.

There is a small caption under the smaller picture of Shakira, "wouldn't you know it her clothes have fallen off again", this adds a hint of humor and could portray that Shakira is not just all work she also likes to "play".

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